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    Exclamation Baby due in 2 weeks! HELP!

    Baby's coming soon and we still have no idea what to name him or her! Currently, these are our favourite name combos:

    Philippa (Pippa) Maeve
    Vera Marguerite
    Vera Eloise
    Eloise (Lou) Phaedra
    Eloise (Lou) Beatrice
    Eleanor (Ellie) Marlowe
    Eleanor (Ellie) Maeve

    Hugo Willem
    Ralph Willem
    Ralph Hendrik
    Homer Willem

    I would love any input!! Our last name is two syllables.

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    Vera Eloise and Hugo Willem are my favorites off your list. It is really easy to lose control of a nickname, so I'm always wary of planning on a nickname. Also, I'm not sure Homer would appeal to most people. I get the literary background but in this day and age I think you might hear more than a few "do'oh"s

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    I think Hugo Willem is the boys winner! It has so much spunk and I actually prefer the Dutch Willem more than William. The girls are a little tougher because you have four wonderful first names. I will choose the best combo for each name in order of preference.

    1 Eleanor Maeve
    2 Philippa Maeve
    3 Eloise Phaedra
    4 Vera Eloise
    All the best,

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    I love Eloise Beatrice! I would go with Hugo Willem for a boy.

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