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    Not sure about DH's choice of name for our baby if its a boy...

    My husband is a Dutch descendant, and we have a very Dutch last name.

    His grandfather was very precious to him, and he would like to name a our boy(?) after him.
    His name was Adolphus, and DH wanted to use his grandfathers nickname Dolf. I wasn't keen on the Hitler association.
    So I suggested that we name him Wolf as that is the meaning of Adolphus.

    DH loves it! He wants to spell it Wulf. I do like it, but I am worried about the repercussions of having such a name growing up?

    We are from New Zealand, and I have never heard anybody called that before.

    Our DD has the dutch name Saskia.

    Please help!

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    Hmmm... you know, it is a bit out there in my opinion, but I kinda like it. The more I think about it the more I like it. It might take some time for people to warm up to, but it's not too bad! I'm from the USA and I don't know if it would be considered more or less strange here.

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    It's out there but not awful... But then if your not sure are you going to wake up each morning looking at your baby boy and still feeling uncertain?
    I don't mind Wulf but it doesn't have a sparkle and magic of Saskia.
    What about Ludolf (also Dutch meaning wolf) and. Ludo is a cute nn.

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    i agree with tuitree...Ludolf could be a good alternative, then you have a variety of nn options too - Lu/ Ludz / Dolf or could always use wolf as a nn too! Love your dd's name, Saskia is beautiful.

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    I like Wolf, but not Wulf. Wolf is more distinguished. Maybe you could use Wolfgang nn Wolf? It definitely goes well with Saskia.
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