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    Baby Boy Name- 1 week to go!

    This is our first baby. We have a week to go and we still need to decide a name. We wanted to go with something easy to pronounce but still uncommon. Our top 2 are-

    Ivaan - The I is pronounced as in 'India' not 'Idaho'. This is different from the Russian Ivan (eye-van). Does that make it too complicated?

    Aarin- Pronounced Aa-ryn.

    Our concern is whether these names will be easy to pronounce/ spell in America. All thoughts/ comments/ suggestions are welcome! Thank you.

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    Congrats on your soon to arrive sweet baby!!

    Here are my thoughts...
    At first glance I would pronounce Ivaan like EYE-vin or EYE-von or EYE-van, not with the "short-I" sound you want. I would just need to be told how to pronounce it and spell it when first meeting. I would pronounce Aarin exactly like Aaron unless otherwise specified. Are you going for the pronunciation AIR-in? If so, that is exactly how I pronounce Aaron. Maybe it's just a subtle difference.

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    I can't say I'm a big fan of either name's spelling if I'm to be honest. Love the name Aaron though, and I would like how you are pronouncing Ivaan, it's the way it's written that's getting to me. Ivin? Iven?
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    As an American, I can assure you I am completely confused by those pronunciations, especially the one for Ivaan. I think everyone is going to pronounce it with the long "i" sound when they see it. Out of the two, Aarin is the easier to work through, but he'll have an easier time if you go with the Aaron spelling.

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