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    I went to school with a Nandi (one of my closest friends- brothers Sayle and Arlo), Rilka (sister Kalia), sisters Beela and Jassy (brother Gabriel), siblings Delphi and Carrillo (brother Raphael), Siebrin (b, pronounced Sigh-brin- it's meant to be a mash-up of his parents' names, Simon and Bronwyn), brother and sister Kyte and Tamblyn, Cable (sister Ebony), Zambri (g, sisters Tika and Blasi, and brother Brae), Aspen (g), Natti Rohana (siblings Jake, A'Fam (real name Annie Samantha), Maya, Breezy, Abai, Tadhg and Ziggy), brothers Sai and Raman, Conway (sister Calistta), brothers Ambriel and Zephyr, Ashika, Nimue (pr. Nim-yoo (note: not the correct pronunciation), full name Ivory Nimue Tea-Rose Minthy, brother Fidel).
    And one time my class stayed overnight in another school en route to our camp spot in the next state.... the desks were all labelled with the children's names and I kid you not (I even checked with one of the teachers) one of the girls in 6th Grade was named Eagleheart Bird. For some reason the teacher, who by the way was named Clytie, couldn't understand why we were taken aback by this unusual moniker.

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    I'm going back to school in a week. Totally gonna have to look out for interesting names. And Susan on a teenager?! I love it! Honestly I think Prince is a little bold but not in a bad wsy. And Celeste is just darling.

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    My sister has a girl called Cresta in her class at school which I thought was interesting. I'd assume it's either a family name or they're die hard fans of The Hunger Games?

    I love Susan! Especially with the NN Susie/Suzie, and Prince is a cool name but not one I would use myself. I'd love to meet a little Prince, though!
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    There was a Celeste in the year bellow me on High school. (I graduated 7 years ago)

    Other intresting names of kids I knew school (I went to 2 highschools so not all from the same school) They would all be in their mid 20's now:

    Melody x2
    Harmony (sister to Melody)
    Geneveive (Jenny)

    Sebastian x2

    I also a teacher with a very intresting name. Richard Edward nn Dick Ed. No kidding. He even signed my graduation book as Dick Ed, haha.
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