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    Nora Elise... too hard to say? Suggestions?

    I posted another thread a few days ago looking for names, and have been looking all day every day since! I think I might like the name Nora (at the moment... Sigh) but I feel like it's a little plain.

    I kinda want to jazz/pretty it up somehow. The baby's last name will be both mine and my husbands (17 characters, not including the space) so we don't want to do a middle name.

    Is it weird to have 2 first names? Too country?
    Which names work with Nora to give it a prettier feel?

    Nora Elise
    Nora Liette
    Nora Valentine

    Combo names are good suggestions too... Like Eleanora, Noralee, Noretta, etc.

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