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Thread: Floriana?

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    Recently came across name Floriana and really like it!

    What do you think of it?

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    It sounds very cutesy and sweet. I like it on a child, but can't really imagine it on a young adult, but CAN imagine it on an old lady. I'm torn. lol

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    I think it's actually quite lovely. I'm like the previous poster. It seems great for a child and great for an older woman, but the teen-middle aged area is weird with it. But, Flora or Ana would be great for that middle section. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    It's very unexpected, refreshing and unique while being familiar and accessible at the same time. It's like Gloriana from Spencer, but more flowers. Although I am assuming you pronounce it floor-ee-AH-na, not floor-ee-ANN-uh. (please vote!)

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    What a lovely name! I am sure that there are variations for the teenage years but really like it!

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