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    Nora Elise... too hard to say? Suggestions?

    I posted another thread a few days ago looking for names, and have been looking all day every day since! I think I might like the name Nora (at the moment... Sigh) but I feel like it's a little plain.

    I kinda want to jazz/pretty it up somehow. The baby's last name will be both mine and my husbands (17 characters, not including the space) so we don't want to do a middle name.

    Is it weird to have 2 first names? Too country?
    Which names work with Nora to give it a prettier feel?

    Nora Elise
    Nora Liette
    Nora Valentine

    Combo names are good suggestions too... Like Eleanora, Noralee, Noretta, etc.

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    Double first names are very country to me, I live in the south and grew up with several people who went by two first names. I find Nora Elise a bit hard to say, it kind of all runs together. I think Eleanora is lovely though.
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    I think Nora Lisette is lovely. Nora Elise is okay, but they are both very demure, mild names. Together, a little bland.
    Also, I have a hyphenated name that is exceedingly long as well as a middle name, so I would let the length the last names bind you.

    I'm not generally the biggest fan of two names. I wouldn't say it's southern, but names like Mary Ann, etc., just feel very dated. Almost colonial. That being said, I know a Mary Alice which I think is lovely.
    Combo names are my preference - I love Eleanora. Leonora is another possibility. Also Annora, Honora, Lenora or Lenore, Nordica and Norma.
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    I don't really understand why you don't want a middle name. They aren't used much, so it wouldn't really get in the way...if you change your mind here are some options you might like. (sorry, I find Nora kind of plain, but Honore is close).
    Honore Allegra
    Honore Lisandra
    Nora Lisette
    Lourdes Nathalia

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    I think Nora is pretty, and Eleanor is one of my favorites. Alternatives are Lenoire, Sonora, and Leora. For a middle name with Nora, I would suggest:

    Moon-sorry, I can't help but like it with Nora
    Lee or Lynne-Sounds great with Nora and probably belongs to a relative you have

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