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    Just use Ella Rose. If you call her Ella Rose, most people will, too, though she may have to correct some people (I speak from personal experience: it can be a bit annoying, but it's hardly the end of the world, and she will probably love her name).

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    I vote to smoosh also because even if it is hyphenated, in my experience, people just call them by the first part of the name. Smooshing is the only way of making sure that people say it together and as a middle name it doesn't matter as much.

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    Any other opinions? Remember the idea is to get people to call her Ella Rose not Ella if we use her middle name as the name she is often called.

    Ella-Rose seems like the only way to do this without smooshing to Ellarose
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    I think it flows better with Sena Rose Ella since the "a" in Sena make the "E" in Ella a little awkward. But Ella Rose is so pretty...I'm torn.

    Sena Rosella
    Sena Rose Ella
    Sena Rose-Ella
    Sena Ella Rose
    Sena Ella-Rose
    Sena Ellarose
    Senella Rose?

    Personally, Sena Ella-Rose (so people don't just call her Ella) or Sena Rosella would be my picks. It's sort of like how I use Hollynn sometimes when I mush my name Holly Lynn together. Ella Rose is very pretty. I've not heard of Sena before. It's a neat name. I'll have to look it up.
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    I would hyphenate so her middle initial is clearly E. Lots of forms ask for a middle initial, and having it be clear what letter to use is easier and insures the name is said as a whole.
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