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    To smoosh or not to smoosh....

    We finally decided on a double middle for our daughter after hours of discussions and mind changes. Her name is Sena ( Sen-nah) Ella Rose. Both middles have significance for our family. The question. Do we hyphenate? Smoosh? Or leave as Ella Rose. We *might* call her by her middle name. It's undecided. But, we'd want people to say Ella Rose-- not just Ella. What's the best way to have that happen?

    Ellarose, Ella-Rose, Ella Rose.
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    I like having all three names distinct from one another. It looks lovely!

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    I think it's nicest as Ella Rose, two separate middles that are said together. Ellarose looks odd and could be read as Ellar-ose and I think hyphenated names look strange in the middle.
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    I think Sena Ella Rose or Sena Ella-Rose look best.
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    Sena Rosella or Rose Ella would flow best.
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