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    Now for the middle....

    Hello again berries!
    Thanks to your support, I've added Persephone to my list. I love it although its a bit out there and love the nickname options (Percy being my favorite). Now I need help with middle name suggestions. All suggestions are welcome. I prefer Greek names, but that isn't a requirement. Bellow is the rest of my list for inspiration, (h = honoring). Thanks in advance!

    Adria, Adriana, Alice, Amelia, Amelie, Artemisia, Cassandra, Catherine (h), Delilah, Eirene/Eirini (eh-REEN-ee), Georgia (h), Georgiana (h), Helena (h), Irena/Irina, Isabel, Isadora/Isidora (h), Jane, Rosalie, Selena, Selene, Sophia, Tessa, Thalia, Theodora, Veronica, Violet, Willa (h), Zoe (h).

    I'm kind of liking Persephone Alice, Persephone Rose, Persephone Violet, Persephone Calla, and Persephone Willa; but I'm not sure if I love them. What do you think?

    One more question: would Persephone, Thalia, and Jason be too mythology for a sibset? I like that they all have that mythology connection, but is it too much, like blatantly obvious? Thanks again!
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    Pondering: | Artemisia | Diana |

    Have a fabulous day!

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