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    Help! Due in 2 weeks : )

    Hello everyone! My daughters are Claire Elizabeth and Nora Hope and we have baby sis on the way. We are pretty set on first name Julia. Need middle name help. What are your ideas? Our last name starts with a k. Our ideas are:

    Julia Margaret
    Julia Louise
    Julia Tyler (after my husband)
    Julia Kate

    What do you think?? Also: is Julia Louise too much like Julia Louis-Dreyfus Seinfeld actress? Thanks!
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    I like Julia Margaret best. Julia Louise might be too much like the actress, I'm not sure, it may not matter, but I just don't like the sound repetition as much. It's nice to want to honor your husband but with your other two girls having fairly classic middles it makes Tyler kind of seem like the oddball middle. Certainly not the end of the world. Are more children likely? You may want to save Tyler for a boy if so. Julia Kate is nice, but Kate is more nicknamey than Elizabeth and Hope and there would be some alliteration with your last name starting with K - might not necessarily be bad of course, but I just think Julia Margaret stands out as a lovely name.

    Any of these would really be fundamentally OK though. Good luck!
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    I like Julia Louise best. I don't think it's too close to the actress. Louis is pronounced differently anyway.

    Julia Margaret matches best with Claire Elizabeth, and Julia Kate seems to match best with Nora Hope, but Julia Louise works with both.

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    Thanks for the input! I love Louise and am mainly concerned about the actress. Margaret I have always loved! I actually go back and forth with Julia but DH is not into Sylvie or Nadia. Hah!

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    I'm pretty sure you're a troll. Classic sign... 3 children, familiar names everyone seems to like, baby is girl, unisex or strongly masculine middle name, due in few weeks..etc.
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