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    Fresh, spunky, yet classic names? Due in 9 days!

    Lately I've been thinking a lot about Penelope for our daughter (nn. Pepper or Poppy). I like how the p sounds make it seem fresh and spunky.

    Does anyone have other suggestions along these lines?

    The other names I like (Caroline, Helena, Clara, Victoria) seem kind of staid in comparison. Hubby likes Penelope and otherwise has suggestions that seem too girly or common to me (Adrienne, Ariana, Brianna, Emily, Lauren, etc.). So I'm looking for something classic and not too out there that we might both like.

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    Penelope is wondrous. I wish I could use it, but someone mentioned it might be a bit odd with a Ulysses already in the mix.

    I'd say, go for it!

    But I understand wanting to have tons of options: Francesca, Clementine, Beatrix, Laurel, Theodora, Matilda, Natalya

    ETA: Felicity, Coraline, Amabel
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    Pepper would be such a cute nn!
    Nora is my favourite 'fresh, spunky and Classic'. Also Adeline, Luciana, Adelaide, Lena
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    Christina is super popular, but I think dropping the final -a freshens it up. It's also less trendy than Kristen.

    Eleanor nn Elle or Ella. Rosette. Gloria. Iris. I also love Penelope. You're right: it's super classic and spunky at the same time.

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    I think Clementine fits the bill too.

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