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    Seeking opinions on the name Diana

    I never thought I would consider such a common name, but I want something my husband, who is Indian, will also like. Do you think Diana is too common? What about it's potential to be teased? Die Diana, Etc.

    Diana is actually from before Roman mythology even; it has roots in ancient pre-Sanskrit Indo-European religions as well as connections to modern Hinduism (with different spelling).

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    Diana is beautiful! Classic, feminine, gorgeous and powerful. I love the references to the goddess and Princess Diana. I don't think it's that common among babies today- both the Dianas I know are over 50 and I've never met any children or teenagers named this. I just graduated from high school and there wasn't a single one in my year.
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    I love the name Diana! It is beautiful, classic, and matures well. Although it feels a bit dated/mom name style, it's more current than Diane, and I know a teenage Diana who fits her name perfectly. I don't think teasing potential is an issue, and I would definitely consider using it on one of my future children one day. I love the goddess connection.

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    I like it! Very pretty, and nice for both a little girl and a grown woman.

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    I had a student named Diana and a co-worker. It worked for my student even though it seems a little dated. The history behind the name Diana outweigh the fact it was popular decades ago.
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