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    I love Greer and if it has a special meaning to you then use it! Don't let anyone else's opinion on names influence you. I have names that I hate and often criticize but that is only my opinion and I wouldn't want to dissuade some one from choosing a name that they love! Greer is a lovely name.
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    I only think of 'grim' and 'sneer' when I see/hear this name, honestly.

    I would never use it for anything but a middle.

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    I've been in love with the name Greer for a while now. I say go for it! I love that it has a special meaning for you and don't think you should let others deter you from using it.
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    I love the name Greer! It's on my short list. I prefer the spelling Grier, but Greer is just as nice.

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    I really like it! And I love that it has a special meaning to you.

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