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    Talk to me about Greer

    First off I'm very aware of the fact that Greer is not everyone's cup of tea and am completely fine with that. It holds a very special tie to my dad whose name I will never actually get to use on any potential children (it'd be like naming the poor kid John Johnson if I used his actual name).

    So what do you think of Greer? What sort of associations do you have? What kind of girl do you picture? Etc.


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    I would probablly use Greer as a middle but I'm not sure if it makes a good first. I guess it all depends on the middle and last name. I picture Greer as a pretty dark haired child.
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    Because Greer has a special connection to your Dad, I love it for your baby girl! But, because it is on the "unisex" side of the spectrum, I would pair it with a more traditionally girl name; something like Greer Adeline, Greer Elizabeth, Greer Catherine, Greer Poppy, or Greer Lillian.

    When I think of Greer, I see a smart little girl with tons of spunk!

    If you would like more middle name suggestions, please let me know.

    All the best,

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    Greer isn't a name I would probably choose, but I could totally see falling in love with the name after meeting a sweet, spunky little girl that wore the name. I like surname type names for boys, but not as much for girls.
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    Of course I love Greer. I don't have a mental picture of a Greer but it seems like a name for a darker haired kid. One syllable names are striking and daring, so I imagine a confident and mature child

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