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    How about Hallelujah?

    Just throwing a name idea out there... give me your honest opinions!

    Hallelujah - For a baby girl, would be call "Halle" (like Halle Berry)

    What would be a good middle name? I like double names too - so a middle name that could make a nice double name with Halle would be great!

    The only one I can come up with is "Halle Grace" - but I don't really love the name Grace that much! Thoughts?

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    Re: How about Hallelujah?

    I'm sorry, but I'm going to be completely honest here. I strongly dislike Hallelujah. It's not really a name, and there are so many pretty names out there that a little girl could have rather than Hallelujah!

    How do you feel about Helena, for instance? It sounds a lot like Hallelujah and you could still nickname her Halle. Helena Grace sounds nice too.

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    Re: How about Hallelujah?

    What about Hala? (PRN ha-lay) It means "Halo". Hallelujah means "praise Jehovah" and is kind of a heavy first name for a little girl.

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    Re: How about Hallelujah?

    I think it could potentially work but honestly it's a little awkward to my ears. Are you religious and/or does the name have particular meaning to you? If not I would steer clear.

    If you like Halle and would call her that anyway, why not just name her Halle? It's a gorgeous name on its own!
    Then again I'm usually a fan of short and sweet and to the point. :)

    If you love Hallelujah though, by all means use it. I wouldn't pair it with Grace though. Grace makes it even heavier/more religious sounding.

    If you do use it, I would personally pair it with something very short in the middle spot. I would also try to avoid any word-name middle names (with a few common name exceptions, like Rose).

    How about:
    Hallelujah Paige
    Hallelujah Mae/May
    Hallelujah June
    Hallelujah Clair/e
    Hallelujah Rose

    Otherwise, a name with a lot of similar sounds is Tallulah, with a possible nn of Tally.

    Good luck!

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    Re: How about Hallelujah?

    Other names that could lend themselves to the nn Halle:


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