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    Is it wrong to even consider this ?

    I wanted to post this thread for the past weeks but i havent the guts to do it . i dont know who to ask for advice so i would like to hear yours . Iam not pregnat but me and my BF feels is the right time to start TTC . I know i should wait a few years but i feel like life is too short to wait . I wouldnt dare to tell my mom that because she would definitly critisize and propably wouldnt even listen it . I know that a baby needs a lot of things but my Bf has a job ( he is finished the schoul this year ) and i know that his parents would be truly supportive ( I dont know about mine but ........) if we take that desision . if i get pregnant this wouldnt stop me to finish the school and i would most likely go to a univercity . I want a baby for years now but iam ( very) afraid what the others would say .

    Please , I trully need your advise !! Do you think iam imnature to even consider this ? Do any of you have been in a situation like this ?

    Thank you so much from any of your opinions !! I know that is wrong to ask strangers about that but i have anyone else to talk !!

    UPDATE : We have decide to not use any protection during sex (We are not TTC but if its happen its happen ). I talked to my mom about that and she decide to actaully help me to find a job and finish school !! Yay !! Thank you all for your amazing advise !! I know that most people will find this wrong but i feel like its the right thing for me . Thanks again !!
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