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    Yep, I started a thread! So far, most people don't pronounce it the way I prefer to. Coupled with the fact that I'm technically pronouncing it incorrectly myself in order to love it, I think the name has become too contrived and diffiicult for further consideration :-(

    The same thing happened with Sundari Rose. I don't mind altering spelling a bit if I like a name enough, but pronouncing it wrong in order to love it is just a bit much.

    A similar thing happened to me for the name Shailu. Husband insists he woul dpronounce it Shah-loo instead of shay-loo.

    I am just not finding a viable name that I'm in love with and meets my criteria. I have to hope that I will fall in love with whatever I name my daughter because it will be HER name, so I don't have to be in love with it beforehand.

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    I did a quick search on Indian names now and I found some lovely names like Anila, Devika, Amita, Ananda, Parvati, Indra, Kalpana, Lilavati, Lavanya, Malini, Nila. I think all these names would be pretty straight-forward when it comes to pronunciation, but maybe I'm wrong. You could go with something like Parvati Jane, Amita Diana, Malini Audrey, Lavanya Claire.

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    I do like your naming approach, except I disagree with #3 of your MN criteria.

    I am Indian-American (Indian ancestry, born and raised in California), and I'm not sure what my naming criteria/approach is. I'm "drawn" to more female "American" or more correctly, Western names, because of my education and the books I read, but then I am a Hindu so I'd like to use a name with some religious element perhaps. Oddly, I like a lot of Indian boy's names, but not so many girl's names.

    If you're using an Indian name, I'd use a short one. I think when people see a long Indian name, it intimidates them and they'll stumble on the pronunciation even if the name is phonic. That would be the issue with Ramayani, I believe.

    I also made a list of "easy" Indian names (girl's names, in alphabetical order, are first); you may want to check it out: User List - Indian Names - Jyoti |

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    I think your best chance is to share your short list with a couple of non biased people from both nationalities (no family) who can try to pronounce them & what comes to mind in their language. I like the idea of using one Indian & one English name so she has the freedom to choose. Also double check the initials to be sure that it doesn't spell something in either language.

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    What about Chanda, Devi, or Divya?

    From Jyoti's list, I really like these for you:

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