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    Your name is Natalie Jane Hartford "Nat", you are 21, and you are in your third year of college at UCLA. You decide that you want to spend a semester abroad. Where do you go?
    5. Ireland

    While you are there, you meet a boy named Sean Eoghan O'Connor How do you meet?
    4. You meet at a party

    How long do you date before he proposes?
    2. 1 year

    How does he propose?
    6. He has the pastry chef write it in chocolate on your dessert plate

    What does the ring look like?
    3. Vera Wang LOVE Collection 1-1/2 CT. T.W. Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold - View All Rings - Zales

    When do you get married?
    5. October 18

    What does your dress look like?
    6. Wedding Gown with Lace Appliques and Ruffled Skirt - David's Bridal

    Do you stay in the country or move back to America after the wedding?
    1. Stay in Ireland

    What is your job?
    2. Singer

    What is your husband’s job?
    4. Teacher

    You and your husband decide that before you start a family, you should probably buy a large home, since you both want a lot of kids. Which home do you purchase?
    1. Scroll down to the second picture: WebQuery Dream House Design

    Shortly after buying the house, you find out that you are pregnant! You are your husband are thrilled. What do you have?
    5. Boy- Theodore Finn O'Connor

    1 year after your first child is born, you discover that you are expecting again- but this time, you are having twins!
    3. Boy/ Boy
    -Louis Ivan O'Connor
    -Harry Isaac O'Connor

    When your first is 5 and the twins are 4, you decide that you want to travel around the world more before your brood gets too big. You take a family trip to:
    3. Russia

    While you are there, you visit an orphanage and fall in love with a three year old:
    1. Girl

    And you decide that you want to adopt them. You select their first name, but their last name must honor their country of origin.
    -Sophie Natacha O'Connor

    When you return home, you feel a little tired and queasy and you think it’s just from the jet lag, until you find out that you are pregnant again. This time, you have:
    2. Boy/ Girl/ Boy/ Boy
    -Micah Roman O'Connor
    -Rory Gemma O'Connor
    -Evan Misha O'Connor
    -Brady Kai O'Connor

    Now your eldest is 6, the twins are 5, your adopted child(ren) is (are) 4, and your quadruplets are newborn. You think that you are done having kids, so you decide to get a dog.
    3. Pomeranian. Female named Fluffy

    The name and gender is up to you, however the name has to be two syllables.
    Two years later, you get a surprise! You are pregnant again! Luckily, this time it’s only a singleton.
    4. Girl- Sienna Niamh O'Connor

    Now your oldest is 8, the twins are 7, your adopted child(ren) is (are) 6, your quadruplets are 2, and your youngest child is newborn. This time you are 100% sure that you will not be having any more kids, so you get another pet.
    3. Rabbit. Male named Eliott

    Names and genders are up to you.

    About a year later, your sister calls to tell you that she wants to adopt a child from Japan, and she wants you to go with her. You oblige, and while you are there, you see the sweetest new born little girl and want to take her home, however, you don’t want to separate her from her 6 year old brother. You decide to adopt both of them. The little girl has no name, so you decide to give her an English first name and a Japanese middle name. Her brother has a Japanese first name, but no middle name, so you give him an English middle name.

    What are their names?
    -Akiro Sean O'Connor
    -Isobel Kyoko O'Connor

    Now you have:
    Pregnancy #1 (9)
    Twins (8)
    Adoption #1 (7)
    Quadruplets (3)
    Singleton (1)
    Adoption #2 (6 & 0)

    List your family and pets below- feel free to include pictures and personalities!
    Me- Natalie Jane O'Connor
    Hubby- Sean Eoghan O'Connor
    Theodore Finn O'Connor
    Louis Ivan O'Connor
    Harry Isaac O'Connor
    Sophie Natacha O'Connor
    Micah Roman O'Connor
    Rory Gemma O'Connor
    Evan Misha O'Connor
    Brady Kai O'Connor
    Sienna Niamh O'Connor
    Akiro Sean O'Connor
    Isobel Kyoko O'Connor
    Fluffy the Pomeranian
    Eliott the rabbit

    Nat, Sean, Theo, Lou, Harry, Sophie, Micah, Rory, Evan, Brady, Sienna, Kiro, and Izzy, then Fluffy and Eliott.

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