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    My middle name is Janel, so I'm Athena Janel. I've never really cared for it, especially since my siblings have family names in the middle and mine was just pretty.

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    My mother named me after her bff from her childhood.
    My mother's name is Susan and her bff's mn was Anne, so it made sense that I got the mn name Susanne.
    I don't like giving children names after their parents. I think it is nice to use grandparents names as middles though. So if I am blessed with a daughter she might get Susan or Anne or I might consider Susannah. But I would have my husband's mother to think about too, so it wouldn't be fair.
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    My middle name is Jill after my cousin who died when she was four months.
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    My legal middle name is Solomon. It was my mom's maiden name.

    My religious middle names (only really used in family, and not on any legal paperwork) are Tzippa and Leah. Tzippa is a diminutive of Tzipporah, like being named Betty instead of Elizabeth. Each of those are Hebrew names of my great-grandmothers.

    As a kid I was grumpy that Solomon was on my legal/English stuff because Leah would have been so much simpler and girlier, and my first name was unusual so I wanted a normal middle I could have used instead. Nowadays I don't hate any of them.

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    My middle name is Kaye, which rhymes with my mom's middle name (Mae). Kay is typically a short form of Katherine and my mom's name is a form of Katherine so I guess I'm sort of named after her.

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