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    Thoughts on the name Declan? Be brutally honest.

    Ok, I have loved the name Declan for 5 years now (at least). My husband and I both have Irish roots and the name intrigued us when I discovered it on one of these sites. If my daughter was a boy, she probably would've been named Declan James (with nn Dex or Deke). In the last year or so, I've noticed a surge in popularity on baby naming sites. It did give me concern but I still thought it wasn't popular enough in the "real world" beyond the name lover community, but based on some things I've read on here about the name has me concerned that maybe it indeed IS getting popular beyond these sites.

    Another thing I'm concerned about is what kind of vibe it gives off. I HATE trendy names. With a passion. I like to be a little removed from the popular names, but still sophisticated and recognizable (my daughter's name is Nora). I have no interest in being "youneek." Nothing like that. I fear that some people are starting to see this name as "trendy." I'm not sure why - is it really getting popular or is its ending being similar to the whole Aidan/Caden/Braden mess make it automatically viewed that way? Any other reasons?

    I'm just bummed because it's been my favorite name for so long and we plan on getting pregnant next year. If it's a boy, Declan James was still our top name. Now I'm not so sure with some comments I've read on here and other sites about how other name enthusiasts are viewing the name now.

    I know I should just go ahead and use it if I love it, but I really hate when people say that. The thing is, I DO care about how others perceive a name because of how I perceive certain names. Call me judgmental, but those trendy names that are made-up and/or have horrible spelling just make me think trashy.

    So, what do YOU really think of the name Declan?
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    I think Declan is a great name. And Declan James is a solid, masculine name.

    I remember coming across it over a year ago on this site and Nameberry mentioning it had the same appeal of Aiden and could find its way to the top. I had never heard it before and was surprised.

    But, in the past year, I've known five baby Declans to be born to friends. And in different circles and regions of the country (even a friend in Ireland). I personally could never use it because of that but if it doesn't seem to be popular where you are from, go for it. And I don't think it will ever be five in a class style like Christopher and Michael were in the 80s.

    It's a great name with a great nn. Go for it.
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    I think Declan sounds trendier than it is. With all of the Irish rogues running around (Aiden, Liam, etc.), I think it has Top 10 potential, but isn't quite there yet. Though it might be very sound.
    If you love it, go with it.
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    I really love Declan, but my husband doesn't. Hopefully it will grow on him haha. I wouldn't consider the name trendy. It's a legitimate, handsome name. It isn't made up or kree8iv. The only reason some people may think it is "trendy" is because it is getting more popular. BUT it is getting popular for a reason.. Declan is a strong, handsome name that ages well from young boy to a grown man. I think you should go with it

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    I love, love, love Declan. I always have. It was on our final list for all 3 of our kids. If our first had been a boy, she would have been Declan for sure. Our second was a boy, but we went with Ronan (only Declan and Ronan were on our short-list for him and he just looked like a Ronan).

    Please use Declan. I love everything about it!

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