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    Help with third girl!

    My husband and I cannot decide on a name for our third girl. We went with unique Hawaiian first names for the first 2, Nalani Estelle (heavenly star) and Kailiana Tiva, who we usually just call Kaili (kay-lee) (beautiful dancer) and now we are stuck. We want something as beautiful and unique as the first, without sounding like either of them.

    We have come up with
    Kamea (ka-MAY-ah or ka-ME-ah) means "The one and only"
    Kalea (ka- LAY-ah or ka-LEE-ah) means "Bright"
    Kaleia (different spelling of Kalea)
    Leia (Lay-a) means "Child of heaven"
    Alohi means "Brilliant"

    The other names we have come up with don't follow along with the Hawaiian tradition, but we thought of them as to name her after one of our grandparents
    Clara- means "illustrious"
    Frances or Francine- means "free"

    I am really stuck on using Catori (ca-TOR-ee) for a middle name, it is native American for "spirit"

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for first names? Or favorite combinations of the above names? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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    My favourites of what you have there are:
    Kalea Catori, I like the factor that it means "Bright Spirit", which sounds really nice, and goes with your other girls'.
    Kamea Catori, I think the sound of "The one and only Spirit" sounds beautiful, majestic, mystic and also pretty cool at the same time.

    I also Alohi, but I don't think it looks or sounds right having both names ending in "I".
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    I really like Kaleia (ka-LEE-ah) but I'm biased because my godparents (who are awesome surfers) gave their only daughter this name. I don't know anyone else with this name and I think she's about 20 now. However, if you call your other daughter Kaili, I can see how Kaleia might be a little too close in terms of sound.

    Not a fan of Leia just because I don't like Star Wars. Great names though

    Kaleia Francine
    Kamea Catori
    Alohi Catori
    Clara Kamea

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    I vote Leia, with mn Francine, or Catori. Kalea is lovely, but sounds a bit too much like Kailiana.
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    I like Alohi a lot. I know a few people with this name (I'm part native Hawaiian and grew up in Hawaii). Kalea is nice too (pronounced Ka-Lay-ah, the other is not the way to pronounce that word in Hawaiian). If you wanted the Ka-Lee-ah sound, its spelled Kalia which is a type of Hawaiian tree indigenous to the islands.

    Some Hawaiian name suggestions...

    Luana (Loo-ah-nah)
    Nanea (nah-nay-ah)
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