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    Befuddled & Bemused. Boys Round 2

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    I don't like Ragnar. Its like Ranger but worse. Why don't you just name him Rook since that's what you're going to call him? I like Skye, Quinn, and Rhett the best out of your middle names and they flow with Ragnar.
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    I love Rook. <3 I'll try to find you an 'ook' middle name down the list. Being honest, I sort of agree with the pp. I like Rook way better on it's own than Ragnar, but I know you love it. I sort of prefer Roderick nn Rook (or Rook by itself) with the other kids, but again, I know you love it. ^_^

    I'm just doing one middle right now. I like:

    Ragnar Wade
    Ragnar Skye
    Ragnar Weatherly
    Ragnar Quillen
    Ragnar Quincy
    Ragnar Ivo
    Ragnar Caradoc
    Ragnar Amadeus *

    For RL:

    Ragnar Leonidas (thought I feel this is too much for you guys, it's awesome)
    Ragnar Luther
    Ragnar Lucius
    Ragnar Lewis
    Ragnar Linus
    Ragnar Lachlan
    Ragnar Lawrence
    Ragnar Leander

    For an ook sound:

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    Ragner Luke would give you the R.L. initials and sorta give you the -ook sound too. If you want two middles I like Ragner Lucas Wade or Ragner Ethan Luke. My other suggestion is Ragner Clark or Ragner Ethan Clark. It connects to the great grandfather via the Lewis and Clark connection plus the -k ending helps with the nn Rook.
    From your list I like both Ragner Wade and Ragner Ethan. Ragner Quinn would be cool just because of the meaning and If you want a family name in there I really like Ragner Ethan Quinn.
    I also second Dantea's suggestion of Ragner Lewis, gives you the R.L. initials and connects to gg Wade. Ragner Lewis Quinn would also be awesome.
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    I like Ragnar Ethan Quincy or Ragnar Quincy Wade. I also thought of Ragnar Frederic Wade and Ragnar Frederic Ethan.

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