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    I would like to know what other's would do.

    I feel like Nameberry has been very helpful. I feel there is a lot of support on the forum. I would like to share something personal and ask what other's would do in this situation. My dad is not doing well, I feel he does not have much more time on earth with us. He suffered a stroke at the end of June. He actually recovered well from it but was much slower and has been tired since. A couple weeks ago he had a pace maker put in. He has been very poorly the past few days.

    We have been discussing using Arthur Rigby "Bear" instead of Espen Rigby "Bear". Arthur would still have that special meaning for me that Espen has but would also honor my dad.

    Arthur stands out from my son's name and the other names on the list but I do not think too much so.

    Which combo do you like best, Espen Rigby or Arthur Rigby? Which combo would you choose in the situation?

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your father, and I think using Arthur as a way to honor him is a wonderful idea. I always going for meaning over cohesion. And I don't feel Arthur stands out too much from your other choices. So I would go with Arthur.
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    I agree. I like Arthur Rigby much more. It doesn't stand out too much, but I think it has so much more meaning and it still gets "Bear" as a nickname.

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    Honor Dad

    and choose a better name: Arthur.

    Best to you and yours.

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    I agree with everyone else - Arthur is a great choice and a wonderful way to honour your dad. Sorry about his health issues and best wishes.

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