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    I'm glad you went with Ragnar, its such a great name. I have to say, I really dislike Rook as a nn for Ragnar. Imo Ragnar really doesn't need a nickname. I just think Ragnar is so great on it's own. I like Ragnar Fredrick and Ragnar William.
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    Riordan is off the table? Too bad, I'd love to know someone with little Rio.
    But OK, I prefer Roderick "Rook". I doubt I have Scandinavian heritage so Ragnar isn't my cup of hot chocolate but if you love it more than Roderick...
    From the middle names I only love William but Ragnar William isn't very good, is it? I am not sure...Ragnar Ethan/Wade/Skye is fine though.

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    Yes, I starred Ragnar Amadeus because it is awesome and it was my favorite. I like Leonidas with Caspian, Zephen, and Peregrine would be fabulous!!
    On Riordan -- the guy who wrote the Percy Jackson books, Rick Riorden, on his website he says his last name is pronounced to rhyme with fireman so I can see the issues here.

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    I love Ragnar, Roderick, and Leonidas! I think Roderick and Leonidas fit a bit better with your sibset on the whole, but Ragnar is quirky enough that it would work just fine, too, I think. Lots of the combos previously mentioned are fabulous, especially because I love almost all of your middles! Leonidas Rainier is quite princely, I think (and I have a soft spot for Rainier as it is one of my son's middle names, too!). Fabulous choices!

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