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    mkmlvr - Wow, that's a big list of C names! Will have to work my way through it. Thanks!
    Ashleyjuliette - Cyprus we had once considered but weren't sure if it was too feminine sounding.
    seazuno86 and mclola - I think I might like Conan if not for Conon O'Brien.

    More references:
    We liked Cedar but it was already used by friends.
    Cavin/Cavan - was on our list but we weren't sold on it.
    Ciryon - (from LOTR again - KEER-ee-un) is possible but I can't remember if hubby liked it.
    Ciaran - I love even though it's way more popular than I usually like, but hubby does not like it.
    Cynan - I also liked but hubby nixed it.
    Cauthon - From a favorite book series but sounds too much like coffin.

    I'm beginning to think we need to avoid name lists altogether and draw solely from books or word lists!
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    My favourites:

    Cyrus - Historic, uncommon, not too long but kind of clunky-cool.
    Cassius - I only like it pronounced Cash-us. I don't mind girls' name Cassia either Cass-ee-ah or cash-ah, but this one I like with the NN Cash. A number of historic personages by this name, from abolitionists to one rather famous boxer, and I sort of see it as a counterpoint to current hipster fave Atticus.
    Cillian - I don't particularly like the phonetic spelling Killian, but like the C version which has more of an old-Gaelic feel to it and I think it's pretty cool.
    Corbin - Perhaps you have to like ravens as much as my husband does to see the draw, but I rather like it.
    Caradoc - A bit of a Welsh obscurity, some of the names on your list made me think it might appeal. Arthurian, rare, but phonetic, which is kind of nice.
    Cassiel - An angel name, but far rarer than Gabriel/Raphael etc.
    Carmine - old fashioned Italian, one of the very few colour names I like for boys.

    I can think of a few which start with a Ch- that are said more like an h, not with a hard ch as in choo-choo but that's so challenging to English speakers I don't know if you'd want them?

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    Claydon/ Clayton

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    stripedsocks - I really like Cillian and will have to try suggesting it to hubby again. (He vetoed it last time.)
    Ch- names are fine even if they have the softer sound, although I agree it will probably cause pronunciation issues.

    southern.maple - Cian and Caspian were on my list previously and shot down by the hubby. Cove is new to me and I'm kind of digging it!

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