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    @gummibear, Edith and Cecil would be great together! I agree that Sloane is awful, slimy-sounding, but Imogen has the great association of Imogen Cunningham.

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    If you ask me 3 days ago i would say that i hate Nevaeh but right know its one of my favorite name . I really dont get the religious problems . Others i really love Hermione , Baltazar , Amadeus , Morpheus , Prometheus , Wolfgand , Hunter ( pretty much i love all er names ) , Ever ( sooo beautiful ) , Sailor , Hero , Psyche , Renesmee ( What can i say ! ) , Lancelot , Romeo , Aidan

    Names i dont like

    super kreative names ( I dont really mind Alyson but i despise names like Earaon )
    very old fashioned names exp. Mabel
    names ended in dan / den with the exception of Aidan / Aiden
    The name Sloane ( i dont know why ) , Lila / Lyla , Vivian ( althought i love Vivienne ) , Cecily ( althought i love Cecilia ) , Circe
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    I adore Imogen, I can't figure out what it is that others hate about it.

    I hate the name Sloane; I can't find a single redeeming quality in it, and I feel like I hear it more and more often these days. I can't get behind Quinn on a girl, either. The only Quinn I know is a boy, and the only girl Quinn I've heard of is the bratty cheerleader character from Glee. I don't watch the show, but I've seen gifs and have caught snippets of it while channel flipping and either I'm missing a large chunk of her character or she's a horrible person.

    I don't hate Josephine or Willhelmina because I can at least understand that they appeal to some people, and I like that they're legitimate girl names with a history behind them, but for the life of me I can't figure out what anyone sees in them. They're names I only associate with Nameberry, so if I met one in real life I'd HAVE to ask the mom if she was a member here.
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    I love Agnes, and that generally gets a terrible wrap outside of Nameberry. I also like Bentley, and that's super trendy and yeah, awful. I still like it, though. I think Bentley nn Ben is adorable. Too bad it's so trendtacular.

    Isabelle doesn't get a lot of love on here, either, but I adore that.

    And I can imagine that Edith wouldn't get a lot of love outside of Nameberry, but I adore that, too. I would LOVE to have two girls named Agnes and Edith.
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    I've always thought that Nevaeh actually sounded quite nice, based on phonetics alone (I've never met one in real life, but in my head I pronounce it like Niamh/Neve with an 'a' on the end). It's the 'heaven spelt backwards' thing that put me off. I wouldn't call a child Heaven, so Nevaeh is out too.

    Names I love that not many others do are; Hester, Damaris, Bertram, Jago, Hamish. I also quite like Hayden & Aidan, which don't really count as they are pretty popular in real life, but don't go down well at all on many naming forums.

    Popular names that I can't get on board with are; Jack, overly cute names M-ie names (Maisie, Millie, Mollie), and the Nameberry favourite Clementine.
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