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    Smile Help me figure out hubby & I's naming styles...and suggest names please!

    For a boy it is simple we are going to go with William Robert (both family names)

    Last name is 4 syllables long, very Italian, starts with an L ends with an I

    For a girl it is much more complicated...

    I seen to love E names...Eliana(hubby nixed this, but I would love to somehow use Ellie nn, Elena, Elissa, Eliza(hubby nixed this one and so no Z's), elizabeth(would most likely use this as a mn)

    I love Lena he says it sounds incomplete or like a nn

    I really like Audrey, he says no

    I love Marin he definitely nixed this one...but I would like alternate suggestions to represent Mary or Mary Anne, my grandmothers names...I suggested Mariana...he said no

    He likes names that are 80's, 90's to me...Brooke(although I like this one to especially since its a water name, I love the water, maybe use for a mn?), Jillian, Kimberly(could use this as mn as it is my deceased moms name), Kelsey (I think this one could be cute too), Taylor (this one is ok, and I know a re really adorable little girl by this name so that helps lol) even though I like some of these names they all seem somewhat dated to me...

    He seems to show preference to J, and K names Jillian, Juliana, Julianne, Juliet, Johanna, Kiley, Kira, Kelsey, Kate

    He does not want anything too Italian (Gianna, Isabella)
    Nothing too frilly he seems to prefer Gabrielle over Gabriella, and Brianne over Brianna, he said definitely not to Anastasia
    Hubby says he likes Marlena but seems a bit too bad girl, he also said Mya and Gianna are under the same category to him

    We both like Elena but it was a prior gf of his so maybe some alternates to this name...Elaina?
    We both like Gabrielle(nn Bri or Brielle)
    Both love Kate but with Kate and Wlliam as a subset people would think of the prince and dutchess
    Both love Willow but to close to William to use yet
    Both like Hayden
    Both like Johanna, (a family name), do not like the nn Jo though
    Both like Juliet, IDK if I love it though...
    Both like Kiley but Idk if the end sound is too matchy with our last name a long I
    Both like Julianna or Julianne
    I love the name Rose...his Grandmothers name is Rosemary

    Open to any new suggestions...what do you think?

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    Since you seem to love "E" names, let's start there. If you want to use the nickname Ellie, why not Elisabeth (no "Z" since he didn't like that with Eliza)?

    I love Elena, but I agree that if it's a former girlfriend's name, it may be best to look at other names. Other E names you might like:

    Emelina (you can use the nickname Lina, which you like)

    Other names in general that you might like:

    Katalina or Catalina (again, you can use Lina)
    Nicolina (Lina)
    Miranda (nickname Mira)

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    Thank you for your responses!

    @spring13-He said Eleanor it too old lady and I kind of agree, although is has cute nn's I love Ellie and Nora so thank you for the suggestion, the names I like from your list are Ariane(will suggest that one to DH), Chloe (but I think I remember DH nixing this one), Marielle(have a feeling he won't go for it), and Jocelyn, which has also been nixed...

    @gabriela- Elisabeth with an s is a good suggestion, thanks will suggest with DH
    DH will say most of the E names you suggested aren't "real" names...I've suggested Ellery, and Eden with a "no"...
    He also said no to Emery(I think he thought it was a boy name)
    And I've suggested Emilia but he says no, I rather like that one
    None of their other names suggested are our cup of tea...thank you though!

    I've gotten out of him that he likes the name Penelope!(never would have thought that...but he does not think it sounds good with our last name, I agree)
    And we both like Nora!

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    Oh also hubby does not like alliteration so no Lena for me
    And he really likes Brooklyn but I do not...

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