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    I want to change my name

    I hate my name. it is annoying. it is hard to pronounce and spell and I always have to teach people how to say it. I just want a normal name. Anyway, i am going change it. I found a name I like, but when i Google it with my last name a bunch of criminals come up in mug shots.
    Do you think I should pick that name or another?

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    Can you tell us the name?

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    Well it's your choice but think twice and choose your new name very wisely.
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    i would perhaps rethink the new name that you are considering as you may now associate it with the negative image of those mugshots? unless of course you absolutely love it & nothing could put you off in which case sit with it for a while, perhaps try using it in some way/some how before you go to the extreme of officially changing it. i've known 2 adults to change their name so if you've given it all due consideration & really can't stand your current name then go for it.

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    okay. thanks. I won't pick that name.

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