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    Completely different taste in names

    My SO and I are expecting our second in March (our first being Charlotte). I've been keeping a list of girl names that I really like for ages now and I recently shared it with him and he HATED every single name. Names like Emmeline, Aurora, Matilda, Felicity, Ophelia, Vesper, Lavinia, Geneva, and Cecilia. I also have a list that I have yet to run by him that consists of Seraphina, Adelaide, Evangeline, Willa, Isla, and Louisa/Louise.

    He told me the other day that all I ever suggest are what he considers "obscure" names and wishes I would suggest more "regular" names (which I think he means traditional? Who knows? lol)

    So I'm completely at a loss and would loooove suggestions that maybe are similar to the names I liked, while also filling his requirement of the name not being so obscure. I really like classical, girly names, and I also really like the V sound, though not necessarily as the first letter. I really dislike names like Kiley, Sophia, Miley, Emma, etc.

    With Charlotte it was so easy to pick her name out. I knew since high school that I wanted to name my first daughter that and luckily he loved it the first time I suggested it. This time is going to be a struggle, I can already tell.

    Luckily we have agreed on two things, the first being that this baby will have two middle names like Charlotte (Sarah Elisabeth; family names), and that one of those middle names will be Jean after my great-grandmother who passed away last year.
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    Wow, it is amazing how similar your story is to mine. My husband thinks my suggestions are "obscure" as well, and I suggested some of the same names on your list. Like the adorable Willa. I actually read an article about how men are about two decades behind when it comes to naming trends and their likes and dislikes. It might have been on swistle. I think that Vivian would be a lovely name with Charlotte. Lottie and Vivi

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    Vivienne was my first thought. It goes well with Charlotte and isn't too odd, has those vivid V's , and sound really pretty.

    Charlotte and Vivienne

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