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    Thoughts on Theon?

    What are your thoughts on the name Theon?

    Do you think it looks too much like The-on?
    Do you think it sounds too similar too Leon?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, but I'm not a fan...first thought was "The on switch or the off switch?", then I thought of freon, neon, Celine Dion. Generally, I dismiss most Th-/-th names sounds like a bad lisp to me, and too unattractive for use in a personal name.

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    I like it! A unique alternative to Theo.

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    I really like Theon! But then, I love Th- names. You might like Thane and Theron if Theon isn't sitting right.

    Do you think it looks too much like The-on? No.

    Do you think it sounds too similar too Leon? Too similar? No. Similar, sure. Having a rare name sound similar to a more common name is a good thing. It makes it approachable.
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    As a name, its decent, not bad by any means. I dont think The-on when I look at it or hear it. I think it sounding similar to Leon will only help with pronunciation. If you mean using the two names together though then yes they are too similar.

    Personally though, all I can think of is the character from Game of Thrones, who is definitely not a good namesake in my opinion, so that sort of ruins the name for me.

    I like Theo, Theron and Thane for alternatives like redwoodfey suggested.

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