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Thread: A feeling...

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    Both times that I was pregnant, I had lots of baby dreams about having a boy. I only had dreams about a boy, never a girl!! I ended up with 2 girls.

    Edit: interestingly enough, Solomon is our boy name choice, and I've been waiting to use since we were pregnant with our first.,
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    I had two dreams early on that I was having a one he had light brown hair and was named William.

    Nope, I have a black-haired little girl!
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    I had five pregnancy dreams, four about boys and one about a girl. I thought I was having a boy, so it makes sense to me that I had more dreams about baby boys. One of them scared the hell out of me, so I'm glad I didn't have a boy. The girl dream was very different from the boy dreams I saw the name on a pillow (Laurel, which we didn't go with) and it was very calm.

    This time around I haven't had any dreams about the baby yet, but I keep dreaming of wolves. My gut says girl, my brain says boy. Just five more days and we'll (hopefully) know!
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    I had a very realistic dream about being pregnant, having the baby, naming him, bringing him home, years before I was pregnant. The dream was so realistic that in some ways, that 'baby' has always been a sort of 'lost child' to me. So much so that his name, Andrew Christian, was totally off the table when I was really pregnant.
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    I've never been pregnant but when I was younger I had a dream that I had two daughters but they were taken away from me by someone saying I wasn't right for them. It was the saddest dream I've ever had and so real I woke up in tears. Since then I've only dreamt of little boys. So I'm convinced that in the future I will be a mamma to all boys.
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