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    Calling all one-syllable middles!

    I'm looking for a one-syllable middle to (finally!) complete my Emmeline combo. So far Emmeline Poppy is set. Any ideas? I like the idea of something quirkier and unexpected, but I'm open to anything that sounds good. I have several options I'm tossing around, but I can't seem to tell if I really like them or not. WDYT of these--are they any good?

    Emmeline Poppy Blythe
    Emmeline Poppy Claire
    Emmeline Poppy Fleur
    Emmeline Poppy Grace
    Emmeline Poppy Grier
    Emmeline Poppy Jane
    Emmeline Poppy Joy
    Emmeline Poppy Kate
    Emmeline Poppy Lou
    Emmeline Poppy Ruth

    I know there's a lot, but I can't seem to narrow them down at all (or tell if I love any enough to keep them!). I've bolded the combos with family names. Grier and Fleur also have oodles of significance, just not in honor of family. If you don't like any, or feel like just suggesting, I would love any one-syllable name that you think would pair well with Emmeline Poppy. I love the idea of having a double barrel I could use with Emmy--like Emmy Kate or Emmy Lou, etc. Any ideas?

    Thanks, ladies!
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    I'm really liking Emmeline Poppy Ruth and Emmeline Poppy Wren. Kate and Jane work with practically everything. I like Emmeline Poppy Fleur too, but then you have back to back flower names. Emmeline Poppy Nell is workin for me too.

    The one I like least is Emmeline Poppy Bea -- too rhymey and cutesy for me.

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    Emmeline Poppy Rue is cute as a button! And I really like Emmeline Poppy Nell. I want to like Emmeline Poppy Joy as I love Joy, but it sounds like poppyjoy = opium happiness. Hmmm... And Emmeline Poppy Fleur is precious. No it's Poppy the flower not the seed!

    Emmeline Poppy Dawn - Poppy dawn! A poppy field at sunrise! Yay!
    Emmeline Poppy Faye - a poppy faery, yes, please!!
    Emmeline Poppy Gwen - utter cuteness and joy, and I think it's unexpected!
    Emmeline Poppy Lune - poppies and the moon. It would still be a Frenchie name for your friend.
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    I really like Emmeline Poppy Ruth and Emmeline Poppy Nell. They are both so spunky to me!
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    I like Emmeline Poppy Grace!

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