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    Just taking a wild guess that this is a Biblical theme for names :P

    For boys I'll suggest either Samuel, Levi, Daniel, Aaron, or Micah, with my favourite being Samuel! If Micah is too "out-there" Michael would be adorable too. All are perfect, actually. I'm not sure if you give any of your sons nicknames (all the names except maybe Noah have a couple) so I tried to pick Biblical options that were less-obvious and had cute nicknames. I work at a church so I tried to not include the names I hear all the time (like Matthew, Jacob, John, Andrew, etc.) but it seems like you like the classics so I didn't include the out-there Biblical names (like Gideon, Ezekiel, or Bartholomew). If you do want a less-used or more of a stand-out Biblical name I love Asher (nn Ash), Ezekiel (nn Zeke), Eli, Elijah, and Seth!

    For girls the Biblical theme is a little trickier to get away with because most Biblical names are really well-used and well-known. My favourite Biblical name that is not well-known or used at all (I have never met a person with this name, adult or child) is Junia, one of the first female apostles. The nickname June is adorable! If that's not your style there's the classics Mary/Maria, Anna/Hannah/Susannah, Esther, Rachel, Rebecca/Rebekah, Ruth, Sarah (the Sara-version always feels incomplete to me), Elisabeth/Elizabeth, Martha, and Eve. Another rarity is Naomi, which I also love. Other names are Cassandra, Evelyn/Evelina, Annabel (or any other ending), Eliza, and Lorelei. Whenever I hear these names they sound like they would "fit" in the Bible, especially Cassandra. If you can, steer away from Hannah and the Rebecca variations. There are a half-dozen or more girls with each name under the age of 6 at my church. My picks would be Cassandra or Eve. Another name you could use is Iris, maybe as a middle since it might be too bold for a first with your boys' names. It means rainbow and would be a cute way to relate her to your son Noah (at the end of the Noah story God revealed a rainbow as a symbol of promise to Noah). Please, don't name her Jezebel haha!

    Hope this helps!
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    Some options

    In keeping with your trend of two syllable first names starting with a consonant, here are some suggestions:


    If you wanted to break that pattern, how about

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    On a side note, my brother-in-law's name is Caleb James, his siblings are Timothy Charles (my husband) and Hannah Grace.
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