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    I use Amelie's when she's in big trouble (as well as her surname) and will do the same with Daisy. She has come to realise that if mama is using her full name, mama is very, very cross Other than that, only on official documents and the like.

    Amelie Clara (2008) & Daisy Madeline (2013).

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    I rarely use my middle name, but it's only because I hate it. I've recently graduated college, and I won't even put my middle initial/middle name if it's not required. I would have loved to have a cool double-barrel like Mary Grace! Which is why I love that so many of my family names are short and sweet and lend themselves quite easily to double barrels--I can have a Bella Grace/Issy Grace, an Ari Kate, a Violet Claire/Lettie Claire, an Evie Claire/Eve-Claire, an Annie Claire, a Livy Wren, a Lily Pearl, a Lottie Jane, etc.

    I'm sure if I had an Eva, she would be Evie Claire, Eve-Claire, Eva Clara, and Evie as much as she was Eva. I love them all equally. I'm not sure I'd be able to enforce them all (or even just one of them!), but I would probably try. I have so many favorites, and that's one of the reasons I want to use two middles--I would hope they get used from time to time, at least. My sister is Rebecca, nn Becca, and she's always Becca or Beck, but she feels like only people who don't know her personally, and don't really care about her, call her Rebecca, which I think is sad, because her full name is so beautiful! While I love nicknames, I have no intention of just using the nn, because I want my children to know I love all of their names. At the same time, when I put my combos together, I chose to put the names that are in the MN spot there because I either don't love them to the extent as I love the FNs, or I'm not brave enough to use it up front, or I can't really see me with a child with that name. So if I ever got my beloved Isabelle Aurora Grace, I would be gutted if I never got my Isabelle (technically I would have one, but you know), but if I never got an Aurora, I would miss Aurora on a much smaller level, if that makes sense.

    If I had a child with a double-barrel, I would definitely use it, all the time. If I had an Ella Catherine Lior, for example, she would be Ella Cate. All the time. Rarely would she be Ella or even just Elle. Same with Eva Clara/Eve-Claire/Evie-Claire. I don't think I would be too fussed if others didn't use it to the extent that I did--just so long as I got to use it. I think double barrels are fun. And if you want to use the MN as often as the FN, why not? I think it's awesome when those precious middles aren't wasted into oblivion.
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    I don't have a middle name and wish I did! I rarely hear people use them, but it's still nice to have. Those wedding and graduation invites would have looked a lot better with a cool middle name!

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    I used my middle name for the usual stuff (graduation, wedding, etc) but I use my middle initial for professional stuff all the time. I think it's because I've gone by a nickname for most of my life so the only time I've had to use my full first name was when I was filling out forms and I usually have to write down my middle initial as well, so I just got used to seeing it all together. So on business cards I always include my middle initial and when I have to initial by something, I always use all three.

    My husband, on the other hand, hates his middle name so he never uses it. He doesn't even like putting his middle initial unless it's absolutely necessary.

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    I never use my middle name for anything but legal docs, I'm not that keen on it but it is a name used in my extended family. It doesn't really go with the rest of my European first and last names.

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