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    I just wanted to add that my husband very strongly prefers either Indian names or well-known British royalty names like Elizabeth. I realized that neither represents MY culture at all, just his, so I feel that as long as I choose a name he doesn't hate, he has already put in his half of the vote. My husband and Punjabis in general can tend to be very one-sided, so it is up to you to fight for a name you like. The way I got my husband to compromise a bit more was, I forced him to create a list of non Indian names that we could choose from. This not only helped him to see how unfair it is to limit naming options to one origin, it also opened the door to him considering non-Indian names.

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    Sanskrit: Arya. She would get lost among the Aria's though....

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    I've always loved Kavita

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    I have a friend who named her daughter Sithara (sp) ... It's beautiful, that's my vote!

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