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    Due in TWO days and still don't have a name

    I posted before about being 38 weeks and not having a name. We don't know the sex, but we finally picked out a boys name {Ezra}. We want something unpopular {Ezra is at #441, with only 86 births here in England}. My due date is the 9th, which is in two days, and we still haven't got a girls name. What if this baby is a girl? We don't have an attachment to any girls names, and my boyfriend and I have very different styles {it took us nearly the whole pregnancy to get to Ezra}. He says he likes "classic" names, but whenever I suggest any {he refuses to make any of his own suggestions}, he says they're too "old fashioned". So I tried out names like Chloe/Mia/Ella, which are all very popular and slightly trendy and modern here, and he liked them. I guess his style is more different from mine than I thought. We've looked through baby name books, but he just doesn't seem to care and rejects literally every name that I like. I wanted to name a daughter after a scientist that I admire {Rosalind Franklin}, but he hates science and the name Rosalind so that wouldn't work, and he hates my previous top girls name {Viola}.

    What do we do? It's making me panic that my baby might be born and not have a name for several days - I want to be able to announce it to my parents and his parents, who will be outside my hospital room whilst I give birth. I want to be able to invite them in and say "this is our daughter, we named her _____". They're already confused that my due date is so soon and we still don't have a girls name, I can't imagine how they'd react if we had a girl and she didn't have a name.

    I'm starting to be unsure of Ezra, too. The more I hear it, the more I dislike it. It's the only name we agree on so I feel like I have to use it, but I keep hearing it and I'm just getting sick of it. And I'm not sure if I can see myself with an Ezra. I guarantee if I use Ezra, I'll regret it almost straight away.

    I just really don't know what to do. I need to find a name that I LOVE, because otherwise I'll just regret it.

    I'm not looking for suggestions, more advice, because I find that it's hard to make a connection with a suggested name. I need to hear it somewhere else but I only have two days until my EDD so that might not even happen. I just don't know what to do.
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