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    Have you tried meditation? Relax, get comfortable, clear your mind, imagine you're at a park, sitting on a blanket under an old oak tree on clear spring day. Children are playing in the distance as you feel the warmth of sunshine on your face. A boy and girl run toward you yelling 'Mom'--their names are...

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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    What about Franklin for a boy? For a girl, how about Rosalind Franklin's middle name, Elsie? Or to update Viola to something less old fashioned and more trendy, how about Violet, Violetta?

    How about you try making a list of heroes and people you admire? I'm sure the Berry community would be able to help come up with some connections, whether they are middle names, birthplaces of your heroes, a notable occasion or event in that person's life that might lend itself to a name...there are some pretty amazingly creative people around here. That would give you some way of identifying with the name, other than just picking some random suggestion out of a list of random ideas.

    Good luck!
    I might start a new thread for that. The only thing would be that my boyfriend and I have very different interests and an important meaning to one wouldn't be important to the other - he likes sports and music, I like science, literature, and movies. I guess I'll try, hopefully meaning isn't as important to him. I just really want a classic/vintage name, but he doesn't like them.

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    Is your picky boyfriend actually contributing to suggesting names, or does he only veto names you like or say "something like __" or "not like ___"?

    Could he produce his own list of, say, 20 names when he's on his own, then you make a list of 20 names, and cross-reference them? He picks 10 from your list, you pick 10 from his. If he likes something like Mia, then perhaps there is a classic/vintage name like Amelia (probably too popular, but just as an example) that would give the nn Mia? Then perhaps this will get you down to a list of 3-4 to take to the hospital.

    I would also offer the suggestion of leaving hobbies and interests out of it. When hobbies and interests can lead to a name, that's fantastic, but that seems to be a roadblock for you two instead of a source of inspiration. At the end of the day, he will need to remember that you are naming an individual who may not like any of the things he (or you) like. Perhaps you can also compromise. If he doesn't like the name Rosalind, maybe he likes something similar like Rosa, and maybe just as a middle name. Then you can still tell your daughter that her mn Rosa comes from Rosalind Franklin.

    There is also the site Nymbler - Your Personal Baby Name Assistant that lets you type in names you like, and it gives you other names you might also like. You can put in both parents' choices and see what it comes up with.

    For what it's worth, I think Ezra is a fantastic name.

    I hope this helps.
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    Oh, Ezra's a great name!

    As far as girls, I love the idea of cross-referencing his likes with yours. Mia and Amelia is great, Mia can be short for Maria (I love it, and it's Marie Curie's given name), Ella and Elinor (Dashwood, say), etc.
    If he likes Mia, would he like Thea?

    You could search Wikipedia lists of female scientists, or authors, etc. The common names have some pretty fantastic namesakes--Emily Dickinson, Ella Fitzgerald,
    And maybe search the musicians too, because he might be able to be talked into something that way. Etta (James), Alice (in Chains), Corinne (Bailey Rae), Emiliana (Torrini), Imogen (Heap), Joy (Division), Norah (Jones), etc.

    For boys Cole (Porter), Dean (Martin), Hugo (Winterhalter), Perry (Como), etc.

    If any name seems kind of okay, go searching for neat people with the same name. It can be a sort of fun game--"Hey look, baby, another Lucy wrote this book!" (But don't let yourself be dissuaded by people with the same name who did bad things.) "Maria + scientist" is how I rediscovered Marie Curie's given first name.
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    And if baby lacks a name for a bit, don't think of it as impersonal. Think of it as the gift of their name matters so much to you that you took your time to find just the right one.

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    My sister's name is Ezrah - maybe that could be an option for you? On a side note, if she was a boy she would have been called Ezra (without the 'h')

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