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    It is definitely harder to pick a girl's name. I'm struggling myself with that.

    I suggest Livia or Jovie, based on some of your choices.

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    I really like Liv, Maisie, and Ariadne (Arianne or Ariana or Aurora might fit better with Ruby and Nora?), although I think Ruby, Nora, and Alice would be a perfect pair. Maybe Ruby, Nora, Alice, Liv, and Maisie? I think Maisie is really sweet; it might be too close to Maggie, but I'm an Ashley with Asher on my boys' list, so if you really love it, I'd go for it. That's just how I feel, though. I would love to have a little boy named Ash.
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    @godde8ss If you had asked me a while ago which is easier I'd say girl names, but now that I'm narrowing it down I see what everyone means, it's actually really hard to name girls!
    I like Livia, but hate that people think it's just a made up chopped version of Olivia. I think Jovie is interesting, but after reading the page I can't shake the Bon Jovi association, which isn't so much my thing.

    @ashthedreamer I agree, I think it's fine for parents to have similar names to their children, I just wondered if other people thought it was weird. I actually think it's a sort of nice connection, without going all out and giving them your name.

    Thanks so much for the help!

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    [QUOTE=mflannery;2013757]@sjpau I think Alice goes best with the other two as well. It's a new one to the list so I think it just hasn't grown in me on its own, even though I love it as part of the group.

    I like Jane, and I like the part time nn Janey, because it sort of combines Lainey and Joanie, neither of which I was completely sold on.

    I also love Nina, Erin and Clara. Are Nina and Clara too close to Nora do you think, though?

    I personally love Alice as a name I think it;s underrated. Great on a little girl and on a woman.

    Again I love Jane nn Janey, the middle name can easily freshen this up if there is any worries there also.

    Nina and Nora are to close I think, but Clara and Nora feel the same but are different enough I think.

    Girls are so hard!! I was the same, used to think boys were harder to name, until I had my girls. I think there are so many great names it just gets a bit overwhelming! Good luck, love to hear your decision when it happens
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