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    Stumped on Girl Names

    I'm decided to make a top 5 list for both boys and girls to narrow down my gigantic lists. The boy list was really easy, but I am completely stumped for girls. Most of the ones on my list don't really stand out for me.

    The 2 that I am sure about are Nora and Ruby. I kept being on the fence about them because of popularity, but I decided I loved them too much to give up.

    Some others that I'm liking lately, but not 100% sure of:

    Elaine (Probably Ellie or Lainey)
    Pauline (Pippa?)
    Liv - Any long form for this not in the Olive or '-livia' family?
    Maisie - Too close to my name Maggie(Margaret)?
    Ariadne - Is this too different from the others for them to possibly be used as siblings someday?

    I'd really appreciate some suggestions !
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    From your list I like Alice next. It fits with Nora and Ruby, which I love.

    Joan - I'm a bit on the fence, though I do like Joni as a nn. What about Jane?
    Elaine & Pauline are nms
    Other names with Liv as a nn - Olive (love this) or Lavinia
    Maisie - again nms sorry
    Ariadne is a stretch compared to your other names I think. I like Aria though.

    Other options maybe...
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    I agree that Alice is a great fit with Nora and Ruby.

    How about-

    Livana (as a long form of Liv)
    Susan nn Susie or Sunny

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    I like both Nora and Ruby. For Nora, I like it as a nickname for a longer name, like Eleanor. But it's okay on its own too.

    As for your other names, the only one I like is Liv, but I like it as a nickname for Olivia. The others sound dated to me. I know Alice is making a comeback, but that's a name I've never liked because it doesn't sound or look pretty to me.

    Elaine I would change to Elena (pronounced e-LAY-na instead of e-LEN-a). You could still use Ellie or Lainey as a nickname, but Elaine sounds very 1980s while Elena is much more fresh.

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    @sjpau I think Alice goes best with the other two as well. It's a new one to the list so I think it just hasn't grown in me on its own, even though I love it as part of the group.

    I like Jane, and I like the part time nn Janey, because it sort of combines Lainey and Joanie, neither of which I was completely sold on.

    I also love Nina, Erin and Clara. Are Nina and Clara too close to Nora do you think, though?

    @seazuno86 I like Mila, Mina, and Vera. Also Livana is interesting and I will definitely keep it in mind.

    @gabriela I love the name Elena, but I knew a not so pleasant woman named Helena (rhyming with Elena, not Hel-uh-nuh) for quite a while, and I just don't know if I can shake the association. The H is so lightly pronounced that they almost sound the same. I thought Elaine might be a sort of way to side step this, but I agree, I just don't like it as much really.

    Thanks so much to everyone!

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