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    Need a FN for MN Kay

    I would love to use the name Kay in honor of my aunt as a MN for my daughter (due in November). So far, the only combinations I have found that I like are Amelia Kay & Miranda Kay. I don't really love either FN, but I really like the way they sound with Kay. A cousin of mine just used Amelia the other day, so that is out now.

    I don't want anything that is extremely popular, singsong, or has a choppy flow. Please help me come up with something I love!

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    I really like Kay as a middle name. I think it goes well with a lot of different names, and is down-to-earth enough to ground a more elaborate name, yet unique enough to not feel like filler. My cousin's name is Crystal Kay.
    Current favorites: Olive, Louise/Louisa, Magdalene/Madeline, Phillipa, Talitha, Mallory, Blythe, Eliza, Mercy, Talia; Calvin, Charles, Gideon, Abram, Jude, Reuben, George, Reid, Clark, Holden.

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    Emma Kay
    Reina Kay
    Nellie Kay
    Aislinn Kay (prn Ashlyn)
    Nora Kay
    Emmeline Kay
    Elizabeth Kay (I think any of the Elizabeth nicknames paired with Kay would be so cute -- Lily Kay, Libby Kay, Lizzie Kay, Betty Kay, etc.)
    Celia Kay
    Cecelia Kay
    Samantha Kay

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