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Thread: Polly

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    Polly is traditionally short for Mary, but if I used it (and I do like Polly) I would probably use it as a NN for Opal.

    Holly is not really my kind of thing, but I'm rather fond of Dolly, Polly and Molly.

    Both Polly and Molly were historically short for Mary but I don't mind Molly alone, it somehow feels less cutesy-pie than Dolly or Polly.

    Dolly I would probably use Dahlia but t's traditionally short for Dolores.

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    I love Olympia with the nickname Polly. Its definitely one of my top girl choices. I think polly is pretty sassy.

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    Polly is cute! I agree that it's a little nicknamey, though, but it could work as an alone name just like Molly & Milly can.

    Apolline is one of our top choices if we have a girl with the nickname Apple or Polly, but it seems a little out of place next to Amelie & Daisy. Penelope would be lovely though!
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    I love Polly! I think you can pull of Polly with miss Amelie and miss Daisy. I get why you'd like a longer form though... I'm always looking for one. I like Pomeline, Apolline and Penelope mentioned by posters above. I think Polina would be cute for you, though, it's Russian/Slavic for Paulina and a bit more romantic I think.
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    I LOVE Polly!

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