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    need a middle name

    I need a middle name for baby girl to be named Lila. Preferably one sylable and begin with the letter S. I dont like anything too popular or trendy. I do like names that sound very feminine. PLEASE HELP!

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    Why one syllable? Lila would go really well with longer middle names since it's only four letters.

    Lila Jane
    Lila Pearl
    Lila Eve
    Lila Mae
    Lila Joan
    Lila Niamh
    Lila Plum
    Lila Claire
    Lila June
    Lila Bay
    Lila Noor

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    I have Lila Eve or Lila Maeve on my list, I also think Lila Adeline sounds sweet.

    Praying for Mae Evelyn or Reid Elijah
    Mae Evelyn / Ella Hadley / Ada Jane / Lena Camille / Liv Eleanor / Iris Abigail / Gwen Eliza

    Reid Elijah / Benjamin Abel / Owen Archer / Liam Harvey / Jonah Matthew / Ronan Isaac / Jack Ezra

    Eliza Winter / Lila Eve / Liora Jane / Nora Adeline / Cleo Madeleine / Gwen Eliza / Millie Adelaide

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    Omg Lila Noor is so perfect, I vote for this one.

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