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    I only glanced at the others, so I apologize if I repeat any. I definitely for the most out-there, guilty pleasure names that I love. Hopefully this is what you meant!

    Wilhelmina - A couple of years ago I would have scoffed at this "clunky" name, but now I love how substantial it is with its soft, lilting syllables and endless nickname potential. It has a meaning that is strong for a female name, which appeals to me. Willa is an adorable nn choice.
    Eulalia- I'd never have the guts to use it, but all those symphonic syllables! It's so musical to me.
    Ancasta - Celtic goddess
    Seneca - At first, this was a boys-only name for me, and then someone brought up the Seneca Falls Convention, and I realized what a great feminist name it would be. Now it's a unisex name in my mind. (And I usually hate unisex names.)
    Clementine - Doesn't seem rare, but it's actually been out of the top 1000 for decades! I love it, it's on my short list

    There are more, but I gotta go. I'll maybe add more tomorrow Hope this helps!
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