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    I'm probably going to repeat quite a few names here, but.....

    When I hear 'fresh and spunky' I think of two different classes of names.

    The first is a name with 3 or 4 syllables. But not just any longer name.....the name has to come 'trippingly off the tongue'. The name has to skip out of your mouth when you say it. Penelope (Penny/Pepper) is a prime example of this sort of name. Elizabeth and Margaret, much as I love the names, are not. I'm sure that it has something to do with the stress patterns of the names, but I don't have a musical ear, so I'm not even going to try to explain it. It also helps if the name has an associated nickname which is lighthearted or irreverent.

    Other names that fall into this category, to me, are:

    -Caroline (Carrie/Caro)--It's hard to say without smiling, though it can take on gravity. There's a reason 'Sweet Caroline' works. 'Sweet Margaret Ann' would have flopped.
    -Tabitha (Tabby)--it's like a laugh when you say it
    -Jennifer--don't talk to me about it being a 'mom' was overused in the 70s and 80s, but that doesn't mean we should abandon it completely. Jenny's a little bland, but who needs it when your name is Jennifer?
    -And, since Donovan is now singing in my head, it's not my style, but Juniper is in this group of names for me too.
    -Sabrina--something about that 'bree' syllable makes it a inescapably bright name. Bree?
    -Felicity--once it starts, it just spills out. It means happiness, for goodness sake.
    -Delilah--this one's got a bit of a bad-girl vibe attached. She's upbeat and smiling, but don't mess with Delilah.
    -Jessamy--is sort of the opposite of Delilah......she seems sweet and soft at first, but the girl's got surprising life in her.
    -Katrina--she walks on sunshine, after all
    -Once upon a time, Michaela would have been on this list, but all the McKayla variations ruined the name for me.
    -Valerie--strong and brave but fun-loving

    -Lucy, Trudy, Daphne and Phoebe---straddle the divide between these names and the following list. They are as bright and energetic as they come.

    The other sort of 'fresh and spunky' name to me, is a short, usually one syllable name. They are high-energy girls, with a bit of a tomboyish streak. I'm not sure if they'll appeal to your girly name loving husband, so I won't comment on these:

    Quinn, Paige, Jill, Dane, Tess, Tatum, Teagan, Kate, Eve, Joy, May, Ivy, Fern, Piper, Pippa (though I don't get the same energy from Phillipa), Rosie, Bailey, Skye, Reese, Blaire, Greer, Faith, Sally
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    Penelope is very sweet! I also liked the floral suggestions people made: Rose and Iris. They're simple, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, familiar, but still fresh. Good luck!
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    If you both love Penelope, I would go with that! Clara is my favorite from your list!

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    Juliet nn Jet is my current fave classic/spunky.
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