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    If you like Helena, would he like Elena (a tad more girly sounding?). Instead of Emily, would he (and you) like Emilia (prn like Amelia, but with the Shakespearean spelling)? Still girly, but a classic and not as "ordinary" as Emily.

    The ultimate mix of classic and girly name to me is Elizabeth and it has so many nicknames that it seems to suit most tastes (Ellie, Libby, Lily, Betty, Eliza, etc). The other ultimate classic/girly name to me is Katherine, but I prefer the alternative Katerina with the nickname Rina to distinguish her from all the Kates and Katies. I don't know if either of those will work for you.

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    Apologies for any repeats!

    From the names you’ve mentioned;

    Caroline = Coraline (I wouldn’t call it a classic, but perhaps this Neil Gaiman twist on the name would work for you to make it feel less staid?)
    Clara = Clarice, Claudia, Claire/Clare, Ciara
    Helena = Lena, Elin, Elena, Nell, Nora
    EmilyEmma, Emmeline

    Some peppy ‘P’ names;
    Philippa / Pippa

    Some more spunky names;
    Alexis / Alexa
    Alanna – The heroine of Tamora Pierce’s ‘Song of the Lioness’ series.
    Anastasia – Might be a bit girly for you, but is one way to get to….
    Anna – Short, simple, but packs a lot of punch for two syllables.
    April – Has the ‘P’ sound you like, and is the reporter chum of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Can’t get much spunkier than that!
    Cassandra – Can be very grown up and sophisticated, or informal with Cass/Cassie nn.
    Diane / Diana
    Thalia/Talia/Tahlia – A bit of a wildcard, but I think this name might be one that is girly enough for your husband without being too cutesy. It also has a lot of history whilst still sounding fresh. As far as I know, any of the three spelling variants are correct, so pick your favourite.
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    Charlotte... teenberry in Australia.

    Minty - Jacob

    Sister of: Madelyn "Maddie" Kate, Amelia Rachael and Abigail "Abby" Olivia Wren
    And of: James Michael

    Daughter of: Janet May and Thomas Michael

    Waiting for next sister:

    Isabel Miriam? Jenny Hazel?


    Tell me what you think!

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    Vivian is also on my list!

    I like Katherine and its variations, but my sister just had a baby named Catherine this year. And my husband's cousin just had a baby named Amelia, so Emilia is out too. *SIGH* It's hard when you are among the last in your family to have a baby--everything's been taken!

    Adelaide is a possibility--my husband suggested Adrienne so this could work.
    Natalia could also work--will try it out with husband!

    Some of the other suggestions appeal to me--like Clementine, Beatrix, Theodora, etc.--but are probably too "out there" for my husband...

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    Novaberry, that's a great list. Many of them I love, but won't fly with the husband. I especially love Anastasia, Philippa (Pippa) and Harriet.

    My sister used Madeline as a MN--it's been a family favorite from the books we read as children.

    Jane is my mom's and sister's middle name, so it is a possibility for a middle as well, since my sister didn't use it.

    I was just thinking about Claudia, which doesn't get used too often (in English, anyway)... not sure if my husband would like it though!

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