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    Finding a first name we love

    We have a boy name picked out that honors two people and that I absolutely love. There are a lot of girl names I like, but no first names that really feel like "the one." Middle name will be Pamela after my mother. I'm finding that rhythmically, everything sounds better AFTER Pamela, but there's no way hubby would go for Pamela as first name.

    So far the top contenders are Claire Pamela and Elise Pamela (2 syllable last name). We like both first names, but there isn't a special connection to either name.

    Other family names that could be possibilities:
    June (But doesn't Pamela June sound much better than June Pamela?)
    Louise (my middle name, not sure I could name a baby Louise as her first name)
    Marlene (don't like the nn Marly)
    Verna (anything ending in "a" sounds too rhymey to me)
    Eve/Eva (no one is really sure which one was great grandma's middle name...)
    or Turah

    We live on a family farm in the midwest, so I've tried to come up with names that represent the place we love but have had trouble. For example: grandma's favorite wildflower on the farm was Queen Anne's Lace. Anne just doesn't feel special enough. Lacy is too 90s.

    All of the boy names we love are one syllable and begin with consonants so they feel strong and masculine. I love how spunky and feminine yet strong Claire feels. Elise is pretty and feminine- I worry some people will pronounce is "ee-lise" rather than "eh-lise." But I'm not sure if that's really a deal breaker.

    Any suggestions? Variations on listed names? All advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!
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    I love both Claire and Elise. They are both excellent choices!

    Of your list, here are my opinions:
    June - I love, love, love June, but agree that June Pamela doesn't have the greatest flow but it's not the worst! June Pamela is actually growing on me
    Louise - Although I love vintage names, Louise isn't my cup of tea; maybe Louisa, Lucy, Lucia?
    Marlene - I don't like Marley either, or Marlene either for that matter. I just can't envision Marlene on a little girl (SORRY!). Maybe Elena?
    Constance - not bad!
    Verna - Verna Pamela doesn't flow well at all, like you said. What about Vera? It's close to Verna and flows better with Pamela.
    Joanne - Lovely! Joanne Pamela just doesn't flow off my tongue
    Annette - Annette would be a great way to honor the family farm "ANNE"tte
    Edna - a little too vintage for me, surprisingly. I do love Edith, though!
    Dorothy - a favorite of mine! I also love Dot/Dottie as a nickname
    Eve/Eva - either way, a fantastic name!
    Helen - I'm not a fan of Helen, but like Helene or Helena
    Turah - not for me

    All the best,

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    Thanks, Megan! It was so nice to read someone else's thoughts!
    Momma to Grant Leonard and William Daniel

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    I like June Pamela, but agree that the flow isn't the best. How about Juno Pamela?
    I also like Annette. Annette Pamela is a nice solid combo.
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    Anne is my all time favorite name! I think it is immeasurably special. I also love Elise. I like the flow of Elise Pamela better than Anne Pamela. I am usually against it, but how about two middle names?

    Anne Elise Pamela
    Annelise Pamela
    Helen Claire Pamela

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