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    Did you mom berries or moms to be experience....

    cramps on the intense side and bleeding? Not spotting but bleeding. I started getting intense cramps yesterday and had bleeding. It was brownish red TMI sorry. But it wasnt spotty is was pretty heavy flow. I rushed to the doctor and they said my cervix is closed which is good and they did blood work. They then set up an appointment Wed. to take another blood test to compare the HGC levels. Then the same thing happened again today, I woke up and there was brown spotty stuff and then it turned to heavy red brown to almost redish. I rushed to the ER and they did tests stating its intact, HGC is 98 and my cervix is closed. I am just really nervous we may lose this baby to Etopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

    Has anyone gone through this? I know there is no direct answer whether this is just implantation bleeding or could be losing the baby but hearing others peoples stories may make me feel better. This is my first pregnancy so I am just nervous.

    Little Bird- 11.6.15

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