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    Please help with a middle name. Thank you!!!

    I am new here......We are due with a baby girl August 30. My husband is Italian and finally said yes (after a lot of veto names) to Sienna but wanted it to be spelled with two n's not one like the city....anyway, we are having a horrible time with a middle name. He wanted to have an A middle name so she would have the initials SAM (our last name starts with an M and ends with an E sound and is three syllables). I worry that the A in the middle name would be weird against the A in Sienna...his great grandma's name is Adele (or Adelle would work). We also looked at Alexis. He wanted something shorter and not with the "uh", "a", or "ee" ending. She has a brother Charlie (charles) and step-sisters/brothers Savannah, Sophia, Drake, Davis, and Vaughn...I don't want an overused middle name (grace, rose, etc.)...I prefer the middle initial S, M, or K...but doesn't have to be...some names I was looking at...

    Sienna Adele
    Sienna Alexis
    Sienna Brielle
    Sienna Charlotte
    Sienna Kate
    Sienna Simone
    Sienna Vivienne (maybe too long)
    Sienna Eve
    Sienna Morgan

    I really appreciate your help! Thank you!

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    Oooh I really like Sienna Vivienne! I don't think its too long, you could always spell it Vivian to scale it down. I like Adele, Eve and Kate also. Something like Sienna Arielle might work well! Good luck!
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    Thank you for your feedback!

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    I agree with you about the difficulty with the "A" middle name; however, the two that you picked work pretty well, because the second syllable is emphasized rather than the first so it sounds nice rhythmically (compare Sienna Adele and Sienna Alexis with Sienna Amber or Sienna Alice).

    I actually feel the same way about the rhythmic quality of Sienna Brielle and Sienna Simone as superior combinations compared to the rest of your list (Sienna Vivienne is also okay) - the other ones sound clunky to me. But hearing it with the actual last name might change my opinion, too.
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    Yes, the flow is what I am having trouble on and finding a name my husband likes. Thank you for your help!

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