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Thread: Angeline?

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    I discovered this name about a year ago and immediately fell in love with it... Although when I mention it, nobody really seems to like it! What do the Berries think about Angeline? Do you have stories about your past experiences with it? Any associations or people you knew with the name? What are your opinions on it?

    All replies are greatly appreciated
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    Sounds very elegant and feminine. I like it, although I prefer Evangeline.

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    I like it.
    I'm only more familiar with the name Evangeline due to actress Evangeline Lily and so many berries contemplating it for a middle name so I hear it more.
    I honestly think it is a beautiful name and if people in your family are not too fond of it, the name is long and versatile it lends itself to many nicknames.
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    My only association with the name is a teenage friend name Angelique. Not quite Angeline but reminiscent enough of it.

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    I like it more than I like Evangeline cause it seems more down-to-earth yet more uncommon. Angeline is gorgeous!

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    I adore Angeline, but Angel names were overly common in the '80-'90s, plus Angelina Jolie was everywhere. I think people got tired of it, but I think it's classic.

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